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Project Description
Ludo.NET is a classic board game implemented as a Windows Forms application using .NET 3.5. The plan is to add support to play online against other human players. There will be a game server hosting tables where players meet, chat and sit down.

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All controls used to render the game UI is based on another project here at CodePlex called Ascend.NET. Thanks to those guys for the gradient look and easy extendable controls! Screenshots

This game is created mostly to have something concrete to test the game server with. Ludo was first implemented as a Java applet some years ago, and is now almost completely ported to C#.

The most interesting part of this project is actually the game server. My plan is to make a general game server for all kinds of board games, and then separate that part out in its own project after some time. But most of the functionality will be developed in Ludo.NET project, since it is more fun to develop the server as part of an existing game that works.

Now that XNA is targeting several platforms, it could be interesting to create some sort of integration to Xbox Live too.

The project started as a Windows Forms client, as that was the easiest way to do GUI. In late 2011 the first version for Windows Phone 7 was released.

If you think this project sounds interesting, feel free to contact the coordinator and become a contributor to the project.


Currently supported platforms:

Further development of the Windows Store (Windows 8) and the Windows Phone apps are now taken out of the open source project. Documentation for the apps for these platforms is now hosted at

Screenshots of the various clients are shown below:

Windows Forms
Go to the documentation for the Windows Forms client.

Go to the documentation for the Windows Phone client.


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