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Start new game doesn't always work


Very rarely when the start new game button is clicked, the current game still continues.
Closed Sep 16, 2012 at 9:34 PM by eloekset
This bug was introduced when upgrading the projects to WP 7.1 and can be reproduced by:1. Start a game.2. Press windows button to exit Ludo and go to the main menu.3. Press back button to go back to Ludo and continue the game.4. Press the new game app bar button and press the in-game Start button to start a new game.Expected result:The game should return to the main page and the board should be set up for the new game.Actual result:The game returns to the main page, but the previous game still runs. When this happens, it's impossible to start a new game no matter how many times one tries to do so. This only happens to the game upgraded to WP 7.1, and is not reproducable in the current release (version 1.2).